October 1909

100years a go Suzuki has made engine for Manufacturing machine.

June 1952

Advance to the power-free transportation equipment. Bike motor "power-free No." (2 cycle 36cc) released.

March, 1955

March, 1955 Launched the new Corolla No. 2 motorcycle "CORDA" (2 cycles 125 cc). It will be our main product.

1955 October

October Suzurite mini wheel passenger car "Suzuraito" (2 cycles 360 cc) released. Attach the leading pilot of mini cars in the world.

June 1962

Winning the 50 cc division at the Isle of Man TT race in the UK.

August 1963

Established US sales company Suzuki in Los Angeles, USA

March 1967

Established Thai Suzuki Motor Company. Suzuki first oversea motorcycle production plant.


Road race world championship 500cc class No2

May 1979

Alto "Suzuki Alto" (2 cycles 550 cc) is released.

January 1980

New model two-wheeled vehicle "GSX series" (4 cycles 250 cc · 400 cc · 750 cc) released.

October 1981

Release of the new motorcycle "GSX 1100 S Katana".

August 1984

Motocross World GP 125, Suzuki for 10 consecutive manufacturers, acquire individual champions.

November 1996

Started production of automobiles and motorcycles at Vietnam Suzuki

July 2009

Cumulative sales of four-wheel vehicles worldwide achieved sales of 40 million units.

March 2011

Bergman Fuel Cell Scooter Acquired the world first "European unified model certification" with fuel cell scooter.

Jun 2015

Announced collaboration with Proton in Malaysia

Jun 2015

Suzuki MotoGP Team name is decided as "Team Team SUZUKI Suzuki ECSTAR Xtera" World Unified Brand of "Suzuki Oil and Chemical Supplies" ECSTAR EXTER "

July 2016

Signed a corporate partner agreement with HAKUTO Rover private lunar exploration team "HAKUTO“

February 2017

Toyota and Suzuki sign a Memorandum of understanding for Business Alliance for car


  1. 1. Develop products of superior value by focusing on the customer.
  2. 2. Establish a refreshing and innovative company through teamwork.
  3. 3. Strive for individual excellence through continuous improvement.
Creativity- a human gift to develop products that promote better living conditions and satisfy people need. Since the founding of Suzuki Motor Corporation, we have always pursued providing as one of our manufacturing philosophies. Realizing that the value differs according to the times,country and lifestyle,we are fully determined to challenge for the creativity to make such products for customers around the world with our advanced technologies and enthusiasm.

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