In 2017, the race to land the first privately funded spacecraft on the surface of the moon will reach its climax… Google Lunar XPRIZE. Sixteen teams from around the world are competing for prizes worth a total of US$30 million. Each team has a three-part mission: 1. Successfully land a spacecraft on the lunar surface 2. Travel 500 metres 3. Transmit high-definition video and images back to Earth The rules are simple: the first team to complete the mission before the end of 2017, wins. However, the mission itself is anything but simple. Temperatures on the moon exceed 100°C during the day and fall below -150°C at night. The lunar surface is covered with extremely fine powder that all too easily can cause the wheels to slip. How will Japan’s Team HAKUTO meet this celestial off-road challenge? With a proven ability to carve roads out of nothing, Suzuki can be a natural part of the solution.